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Collation & Pagination

Collation, indexing, digital scanning and electronic bates pagination of medical and other associated records to include formatting in compressed file size and being OCR searchable. Our bates numbering system incorporates a method where updating records can easily be inserted into bundles without having to create separate additional sections.

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Schedule of Radiology

Preparation of schedules of (a) all radiology and (b) relevant radiology with cross reference to images and radiology reports received and references made to imaging within medical records. We also offer a collaboration with The Archive Bureau (TAB) to host radiology images on their platform for easy sharing with medicolegal experts and other parties.

Chronology Preparation

At our firm, we understand that each case requires varying degrees of analysis. That’s why we offer several options for our analysis services. Choose from either a traditional detailed chronology or our summary chronology – which is more time and cost-effective. Both techniques involve a thorough review of all relevant records, but present the information differently. If a full chronology isn’t necessary, we also offer a Summary Memorandum service that includes a preliminary review of the records to establish a basic timeline of events, as well as a review of any missing records.

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Digital Booklet Service

Our digital booklets are an amalgamation of the prepared medical records index and records with the additional option to also include any prepared chronologies and schedules of radiology. Our pdf booklets are customised with bookmarks to direct a reader’s attention and make navigation even easier. In addition to this, we have also created hyperlinks from all the page references which appear in the index, chronology or schedules, so that a viewer can click on a page reference to be immediately transported to the correct records page within the consolidated booklet. The Digital Booklet enables our clients to access the correct records page easily at the click of a button and saves them and their medical experts considerable time and labour locating the correct page. Being digital the records are easy to access, navigate and securely share. In addition to this the booklet is easy and cost-effective to distribute.

Redaction of Records

We understand that certain records may contain sensitive third-party information that requires removal before disclosure. Our redaction services can be customised to meet your specific needs, ensuring that all privileged data is properly handled.

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Additional Services

We take pride in our work and always strive to meet our clients’ needs. If you require services beyond our current offerings, we are happy to consider your request, provided that it falls within our area of expertise. Our team has previously completed additional work such as preparing core bundles of relevant medical records, as well as creating chronologies in contentious probate and historic abuse cases. If you require any of these services or have any other requests, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote.